Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Nasty Frogs Tour

Following the bands return to France, Harmonic Generator have busied themselves on the factory floor setting themselves up for a return to Australia via shows in Lyon, Fr, London, Birmingham and Leeds UK with some rocking local bands in the UK including Jacksons Warehouse, Our Innocence Lost and The Fores

By now the band will be on fire and pumped to hit Thirty Mill Studio with OneMusic.Asia's Mark Opitz (ACDC/KISS/INXS) and Collin Wynne(Jeff Lang) to produce new recordings of the bands songs.

'This is really exciting' Says Alex Roussel, the bands drummer, 'We left France in 2010 to Australia at the toss of a coin between Australia and the USA. Well actually it was pictures of the beaches

"We met some great bands and great people in Australia when we were here working and normally(French English) we can't wait to come back" cuts in Renaud Satre, one of the guitarist and self professed father figure to the band at 22. "Now we are performing in London and then Australia to record an album with our hero Mark Opitz, It is absolutely crazy. We took a chance overseas and had no idea what we were doing and how you say... Here we are on our way again."

Harmonic Generator's journey officially starts in February 22nd 2012 in Lyons France for a concert then across the English Channel.

For more information, contact Blue Tongue Management at +61 (0) 422 973 185

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