Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Kevin Borich Double Album ‘Totem’ – June 2nd 2015 on iTunes and Spotify

With a professional Musical Career spanning 45 years that includes founding New Zealand’s hit band La De Da’s and Australia’s The Party Boys along with his many independent releases, this 66 year old quintessential stalwart of rock and blues launches his inaugural iTunes album ‘Totem’ June 2nd 2015 bringing around the question "Is this the last man standing?" from the vinyl generation to go electronic after long time hold outs AC/DC succumbed some time ago? Up until this date Kevin Borich's online store has been the only place to officially buy the mans music.

Disc 1 of Totem delivers fourteen tracks ranging from acoustic slow blues into lustful funk and boogie then belting sublime rock. The album, an all original work, finishes with a modern re-incarnation of his hit ‘Gonna See My Baby Tonight’. Strong Hold is the first video single form the album https://youtu.be/Lpo9sOrd-SI

Thought provoking human condition lyrics prevails in these works. And though political slants slash at current issues, his hard hitting, grooving blues-rock seldom breaks its trend of feel good, tongue-in-cheek fun.

Totem was written over the nine year period he fought and defeated cancer. The songs delivers thought provoking lyrics basted with human condition that prevails through thick and thin. And though political slants slash at current issues, the hard grooving blues-rock seldom breaks its trend of feel good, tongue-in-cheek fun.

Disc 2 is a bonus disc of shear musical extravagance as only a musician of this caliber can deliver.  “The Love Train”, a Stratocaster Train, emotionally charged with cry baby instrumental chat, searching & reaching for it.... and that.

Motif - [I Cried For You] – is very unique, never done before work that rolls to a throbbing blues feel. Clean wails & doom fuzz exploit emotional meanings revealed in mosaic. The last track is a sound scape solo guitar journey of information with salute.

We invite reviews of these works and spread of the news. Kevin Borich Facebook or Tweet @kevinborich

The 3rd track Strong Hold is a testament to Borich’s life his dedicated to delivering powerful music, his love of family and his survival of cancer. The closest folk, that stand by you, with you and never give up on you. They build your Strong Hold, from creation to the other-side. Of which we are all somewhere in-between. Kevin proudly presents the video single form Totem! 'Strong Hold'

Borich’s parting question to you on the liner notes of the album  “ Think Something Of It”  So What will you think?

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