Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rock Chick Revenge - June 27th - The Annandale Hotel

Rock Band
Rock Chick Revenge
Bonney Read . BandInTexas . Footsie and The Psychos
The Annandale Hotel
8pm Thursday June 27th
Tickets $10+bf @ Oztix

The men are out numbered 5 to 1. These men suffer from chronic raving lunacy! It's the only way they come out of each event alive!

Such is the tightrope they walk performing in these almost human, almost all girl bands. In their eyes, It's a very sick world!

Get Ready Annandale - It's your turn!

Punk! Rock! Pop! Smash! Grab! and Run! Bonney Read performances reveal and celebrate the dramas surrounding the sheer bliss and bogus of youth, angst, stupidity, true friendship and that ridiculous obsession with love.

Born from leather-clad fists pumping drunk rock anthems this powerhouse quartet hail from Sydney's Inner West District. Bonney Read is the alter ego of the bands four members, now their voice and army, true friend and safe refuge. She is home and hero to their tortured minds!

If you try and ruin her neighborhood disturbance at The Annandale, you better be prepared. It's gonna sting!

Mix four Ladies, three instruments, tight jeans, two microphones and one megaphone at The Dale and you get a single serve of well cooked Texan leading a manic musical journey of melodic pop rock that dives into the depths of dirty indie punk.

A seriously fused up, brain battering, deluge!

A five piece indie electro rock band with magnetic Irish front woman Sarah O’Connell aka ‘Footsie’, wild to hear, alluring to watch. She is demanding, engaging, and is empowered by the dark electro sounds pumped out by the chained animals in the band behind her. Don't let the dogs out!!!

You do not want to miss any of this action. See you at the starting line.

All media inquiries

Darrel Baird
Blue Tongue Management
0422 973 185

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